Gloria Estefan’s Net Worth, Age, Daughter, Movies, & Many More

In this article, we’ll take a look at Gloria Estefan’s net worth, age, daughter, movies, & many more

Who is Gloria Estefan?

Gloria Estefan is a Cuban-American singer, actress, and businesswoman. Gloria Estefan was born Gloria María Milagrosa Fajardo García in Havana, Cuba on 1 September 1957. Estefan’s mother named Gloria Fajardo, nicknamed “Big Gloria” received an international contest during her childhood. And won a Hollywood offer to dub Shirley Temple’s movie in Spanish. Leonardo Garcia did not allow his daughter to continue the offer. Gloria Fajardo received a Ph.D. degree in studies in Cuba. But when she traveled to the United States it was totally destroyed. Estefan’s paternal grandparents were Jose Manuel Fajardo González and Amelia Montano. Jose Manuel was a Cuban soldier and a motor escort for the wife of Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, and Amelia Montano was a poet. Estefan was raised in Catholicism and went to Our Lady of Lourdes Academy in Miami. Where she was a part of the National Honor Society.

Estefan began her profession as the main singer of Miami Latin Boys. After some time it was called Miami Sound Machine. She and Miami Sound Machine received global success with their 1985 single “Conga”. Which became Estefan’s signature song. And led to Miami Sound Machine winning the 15th annual Tokyo Music Festival’s grand Prix in 1986. In 1988, she and Miami Sound Machine received their first number-one hit with “Anything for You”.

Gloria Estefan's Net Worth, Age, Daughter, Movies, & Many More

What is Gloria Estefan’s educational qualification?

Gloria studied at the University of Miami located in Coral Gables, Florida. Where she received a graduate degree in the year 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology along with French. While studying at the University of Miami. Estefan also performed as an English, Spanish, and French translator at Miami International Airport’s Customs Department because She was multilingual. She was once called by the CIA as a possible worker. In the year 1984, she was involved in the Iron Arrow Honor Society. The highest honor bestowed by the University of Miami.

Who is Gloria Estefan’s husband and where do they live?

Gloria was romantically involved with the Miami Sound Machine’s band captain, Emilio Estefan, in 1976. After some time she described, “he was my first and only boyfriend”. They both married on 2 September 1978. They have a son named, Nayib, born on 2 September 1980. The family lives on Star Island. Estefan’s daughter, and her son, Nayib, is a producer, director, and also owner of the Nite Owl Theater in Miami.

What is the name and profession of Gloria Estefan’s daughter?

Gloria’s daughter is named Emily, she was born on 5 December 1994. Emily is a recording artist. Emily thinker of after Gloria’s shocking trip bus accident in 1990. Doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to have any more children.

Gloria Estefan's Net Worth, Age, Daughter, Movies, & Many More

What about Gloria Estefan’s accident?

Estefan got a critical cervical vertebrae fracture when she had a serious accident near Scranton, Pennsylvania. She went through an emergency surgical stabilization of her cervical spine. And post-surgical recovery that existed for about a year but made a full recovery. After one year, in March 1991, Estefan published her comeback with a global trip and album, Into the Light.

What are Gloria Estefan’s songs?

Some of her songs, such as “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”, “1-2-3”, “Don’t Wanna Lose You”, “Get On Your Feet”, “Here We Are”, “Coming Out of the Dark”, “Bad Boy”, “Oye!”, “Party Time” and a remake of “Turn the Beat Around,” became globally chart-topping hits.

What is Gloria Estefan’s net worth?

Gloria Estefan has an estimated net worth between $500 to $700 million. And her income comes from trading about 100 Million records across the globe. She has sold nearly 31 Million records just in the United States. Click here to check out Billie Eilish net worth.

Moreover, she won three Grammy Awards and a 2015 Presidential Medal of Freedom. Estefan has been awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Las Vegas Walk of Fame. And was a Kennedy Center Honors recipient in 2017 for her contributions to American cultural life. Estefan also earned an MTV Video Music Award, received the American Music Award for Lifetime Achievement. She has been called BMI Songwriter of the Year. She was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and has earned several Billboard awards.

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